A lot of years producing content and over three years developing my first full-length film. But now is the first website and first post under the new banner, Giant Thumb Studios.

What’s with the name? Good question!

Like the studio in general, it is kind of personal to me. Giant Thumb actually has a several meanings, which I like.

  1. It’s a bit of a play off of my first full-length documentary. Scary Stories is about a popular and at-times controversial book series full of folklore. The very first story in the first book is called The Big Toe. And so I liked the idea of connecting the studio to my first big project. So rather than those books starting with a Big Toe, my studio began with a Giant Thumb.
  2. It has a particular connection to my first born (and currently only) child. He is named Finn, partially named after the Irish legend of the giant Finn McCool. One of the many stories of Finn McCool involves his thumb finger. So there you have it, a giant’s thumb.
  3. And I like the positive image of the thumbs up. A giant thumbs up. Although my current and future projects may have some dark tones, ultimately I have a pretty optimistic view of the world, and so a big thumbs up I think exemplifies that.

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